What Water Says
Song for baritone voice and guitar
Commissioned by David Asbury, guitar; text by Aidan Abney, in conjunction with River of Words Project, Library of Congress
Recorded by David Asbury, guitar, and Bruce Cain, baritone
What Water Says
Recording of What Water Says available on River of Words at Amazon Music
  • Guitar
  • Baritone Voice
Duration: 2 minutes
Full Score pdf
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Composer's Notes:
What Water Says was commissioned by David Asbury for the River of Words project. Every year, in affiliation with the Library of Congress Center for the Book, River of Words sponsors a free international poetry and art contest on the theme of watersheds. The contest is open to students ages 5 through 19 anywhere in the world. The poem "What Water Says" is by Aidan Abney.
- James Scott Balentine