To be a Puddle
for cello and piano

Written for and dedicated to Judith VanderWeg and Christine Debus
Recorded by Judith VanderWeg, cello
to be a puddle
  • Cello and Piano
Duration: 4 minutes
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Composer's Notes:
to be a Puddle
an itty bitty ditty for cello & piano

was written for and dedicated to my friends Judith VanderWeg and Christine Debus. The idea emerged from a comment Judy made about a particularly busy performing season, and that "she was just a puddle." It prompted the following poem, which in turn prompted the music.
to be a Puddle,
having been rain;
having watered the sky,
having nourished the earth,
having been more than a collection of droplets

to be a Puddle,
having been tears;
having felt happiness,
having known sorrow and grief,
having lost love in the emptiness of longing

to be a Puddle,
having splashed and been splashed,
reflecting the rainbow in the crystal misting,
having been a cloud,
to be the Rain, having been a puddle.

- james scott balentine