Nine Wild Exotic Dances
for clarinet and piano
Commissioned by Robert Walzel, clarinet, for performance on the opening concert of ClarinetFest 1999, in Ostend, Belgium. Dedicated to my wife, Cindy Dion Balentine.
Recorded by Robert Walzel, clarinet, Steven Glaser, piano
1. Cielito
2. Ishi's Song One
3. Notturno
4. Danzon
5. Yarevi
6. Dreher
7. Ishi's Song Two
8. Obertas
9. Niñeria
  • Bb Clarinet and Piano
Duration: 18 minutes
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Composer's Notes:
Commissioned by Robert Walzel, clarinet, and Steven Glaser, piano, Nine Wild, Exotic Dances was premiered at ClarinetFest 1999 in Ostende, Belgium. The nine movements, although not all strictly dances, were inspired by folk materials from European, South American, and Native American influences.
  1. Cielito - an Argentinian dance in triple meter
  2. Ishi's Song One - a memorial to Ishi, the last surviving member of the North American Yahi tribe
  3. Notturno - a peaceful, slightly mysterious setting of European night music
  4. Danzon - a Cuban dance with syncopation and energetic jazz-like flavors
  5. Yarevi - a Mayan funeral march
  6. Dreher - a German dance modeled on the laendler, or langhaus
  7. Ishi's Song Two - a reprise and answer to mvt II.
  8. Obertas - a Czech dance in triple meter, reflective of the character of mvt I
  9. Niñeria - A Mexican children's game, hide-n-seek between the nanny and child.

- James Scott Balentine