My New Voice
for soprano, piano and synthesized voice
libretto by Bruce Balentine
excerpt from the opera "My New Voice" (in progress)
Recorded by Lisa J. Coates, soprano, Paul Barker, piano, Bruce Balentine, voice synthesis, available on video from CreST Concert, January 26, 2013, in Scarborough, UK. My New Voice is approximately 4' 05" into the video, the second piece on the concert.
  • Soprano
  • Piano
  • Synthesized Voice
Duration: 8' 30"
Full Score pdf
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Composer's Notes:
My New Voice is a test piece, part of an opera in progress by the same name. My New Voice is the story of Trevor, an artist/inventor who lives with his friend and caregiver, Elizabeth. Afflicted with motor neurone disease, Trevor is confined to a wheelchair, and cannot speak. Having mastered several generations of voice technologies, he knows their capabilities. In this scene, Trevor has received a new and greatly-enhanced synthetic voice. Experimenting with it, Trevor reconsiders questions of appropriateness, authenticity, and his own self-identity. He is beginning to see—and Elizabeth encourages him in this regard—that he has developed better communication skills than most. Because he must work hard to say anything, Trevor says more with less—a trait that Elizabeth finds engaging.

- James Scott Balentine