Liberty Bar
for two percussionists - vibraphone, marimba, and multiple percussion
Commissioned by Sherry Rubins and Kari Klier
Recorded by Johan Bouttery, Hannes Nieuwlaet, Axel Dewulf and Ben Van Avermaet.

Available on the CD Red Poppy and the Yellow Rose. Request from Contact Page
Liberty Bar
  • Vibraphone and multiple percussion
  • Marimba and multiple percussion
Duration: 4' 30"
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Composer's Notes:
Commissioned by percussionists Sherry Rubins and Kari Klier, Liberty Bar was inspired by a discussion with Sherry about shared good times with Kari at The Liberty Bar, an historic and much loved dining and drinking establishment in San Antonio. Besides the wonderful food and eclectic ambiance, the characteristic of the Liberty Bar most talked about was the fact that it looked and felt like the building would collapse at any moment, leaning and tilting crazily at seemingly impossible angles in complete defiance of gravity. As of this date, it has not yet fallen, but the restaurant and bar has changed location, much to the consternation of many of its local fans.

- James Scott Balentine