Full Frontal Lobes
a musical lecture for narrator and chamber ensemble
libretto by Bruce Balentine
music by James Scott Balentine
Commissioned by Musical Offerings of San Antonio
  • Lecturer / Professor
  • Conductor / Clarinet - Christopher C. Classen
  • jazz alto sax - Jack (requires improvisation)
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Jazz Rhythm Section (requires improvisation)
    • Bass
    • Piano
    • Drum Set
  • Powerpoint overhead projection
Duration: 15 minutes
Full Score pdf
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Composer's Notes:
Full Frontal Lobes is a multimedia chamber piece presented as a combined lecture and debate. Conceived and developed collaboratively by James Scott Balentine (music) and Bruce Balentine (libretto), the work draws on recent research in neurophysiology and microbiology to explore relationships between improvisation, musical directionality, expressive longing, and pedantic hedonism.