The Devils Advice to Storytellers
for unaccompanied clarinetist, 4 instruments (Eb, Bb, A, and bass clarinets)
James Scott Balentine
Commissioned by Robert Walzel
Recorded by Robert Walzel, clarinets
I. Suspect Your Tale to be Untrue
II. To Forge a Picture
III. Scherzo - the teashop sort
IV. Sigh then, or frown
Duration: 10 minutes
Published by Cimarron Music. To order, contact Cimarron Music
Composer's Notes:
Commissioned by clarinetist Robert Walzel, The Devil's Advice to Storytellers was written to be performed at the University of North Texas for his doctoral recital for the DMA degree, specializing in multiple woodwinds. It was intended to explore techniques on the various clarinets that while not necessarily unusual, are not often the basis of the musical structure. These include extreme ranges, wide tremolos, timbral effects, and extreme dynamic contrsts. In all of these cases, "the Devil is in the details." The title comes from a poem by Robert Graves, and though not programmatic in any direct sense, it is devilishly tricky to deal with.

- James Scott Balentine